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SENIOR PROJECT, a set on Flickr.


There are many interests in my life, some just as, if not more powerful than my passion for traditional art. Music has always been a key influence, from playing violin, to flipping through classic rock albums in my basement as a kid; feeling the music as I absorbed the album art. As I get older, I now realize that I can combine these passions.

My project started with the strong passion for music and oil painting. In the field of art there has also been a growing undercurrent desire for hand crafted artisan products such as vinyl covers. This was the perfect excuse to find a niche in the industry where I can spend my days painting in oils, but also being involved in my favorite music.

The purpose of my project was not only to enhance my ability in oils, or to become better at illustrating themes in songs, but also to show through graphic design how this union was possible. The result is tangible album covers, completely designed with labels and stickers, but also large canvases that can hold up for themselves in a gallery setting.

I gave each piece three weeks; working on the painting for two weeks, then the graphic design work for one week. This left me with an extra week to take one of my favorite cover designs, and make it into a complete album cover with dust jacket and labels inside. I worked in oils 36”X36” so the pieces could later be displayed and sold in art galleries but also so I could be intricate and the reproductions would look better when scaled down.

The project has left me with a strong portfolio, a better understanding of oils, and a better understanding of how this process would work if bands, producers, or even record labels hired me. This process is a way for me to be able to keep painting traditional, but still be able to support myself.


  1. Very Lovely job Donal

    P.S I'd think you would enjoy this

  2. Thanks! I took a look at your link and I loved it! I do enjoy online interactive artistically quirky but addictingly engulfing adventures ! and if you don't alreay know it, I got one for you to!