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Bill progress

Bill progress, originally uploaded by Donal Casey.

Via Flickr:
I know this isn't finished but it is taking so long (painting only in my time off) but it is going to be cool when its done

New logo design for a Lamborghini festival that is supposed to be a cancer aid. Just noticing I have been doing a lot of shield logos lately...I hope i'm not coming down with something

DARTS Postcard

I'm making postcards and business cards to spread awareness throughout my local community. Like groceries, you should hire local artists to do your freelance work! and what better way to do that then to go to the one stop shop for it all?! DARTS Digital Arts offers everything!

Logo Thumbnails

These are some logo thumbnails I was working on last week. I thought they would be a good example of how I work. I spend less than an hour on each of these and then I like to come up with variation sheets, this way I can respond quickly to a client and it makes it easier for us to talk about what direction the client wants to go in.