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Below us is an archive of about a year and a half of work. We have moved. To check out and subscribe to the new blog click here and visit us at


Todays Daily is a little more abstract to mark a turning point, time to move to something else. And on that note, we would like to announce that in a week the MassCreate blog will move onto the MassCreate Website! But we will remind you when the time comes. For now, enjoy todays "things we made last night"

lion vs unicorn

Finally! todays painting. click to see it large, its worth taking a peak at the fine detail. It can also be found on flickr for an even larger image.


Good Morning Everybody!
I said there would be more of these. I have one more lined up for monday, and then its on to something completely different.

Godess Digital Poster (full)

If you have not noticed, we are getting into digital painting thanks to crtl+paint. is a brilliant tutorial site. With very easy videos, it's hard not to get sucked in. Expect more stuff like this to come. -

Digital Painting

This is what we were working on late last night. You need something to take you away from all those email blasts!

New MassCreate Poster

Good Morning Everyone!
thought we would start the day with a new poster, three wise guys
this was done in Photoshop, and Painter X, fairly large. Would make a great poster in any dorm room!

Site Update

We updated our Portfolio/Graphic Design work last night, here is what we thought was most exciting!
the portfolio can be seen here: PORTFOLIO

 we also had this, we love neon


We are working on a few mixed media posters of women in pop style. Here is a preview, whole set to come!

Winter Pictures

We are trying to stay within the Winter spirit, despite the lack of snow here. As artists how do you expect us not to fall in love with twinkling lights and warm/cool color schemes.

New website

Good Morning ALL, I thought we should start the day with some flowers we made last night and tell you our new website is up! Tell us what you think!